12 Week 1 on 1 Program

12 Week 1 on 1 Program

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🌟 SuperFit Transformation Program: Your Personalized 12-Week Journey to a Stronger, Healthier You! 🌟

Welcome to the SuperFit Transformation Program, where your fitness goals become our mission! Our 12-week one-on-one training is a fully immersive experience designed to cater to your unique needs, ensuring a transformative journey towards a healthier and more vibrant version of yourself.

What's Included in Your SuperFit Journey:

1. Customized Training Plan:

  • A tailored weight training program, focusing on toning and muscle building.
  • 4-5 sessions per week to accelerate your progress.
  • Your training approach caters to either weight loss or weight gain, aligning with your specific goals.

2. Cardiovascular Exercise Regimen:

  • A dynamic cardio routine complements your weight training, boosting overall fitness.
  • Varied activities accessible through our user-friendly app for a seamless workout experience.

3. Flexibility for Gym or Home Workouts:

  • Adapt your training environment to your preference, whether it's the gym or the comfort of your home.

4. Personalized Meal Plan:

  • Comprehensive meal planning without the need for tedious macro/calorie counting.
  • Weekly adjustments based on your progress and needs.
  • Focus on whole foods, teaching you portion control and nourishing your body effectively.
  • Weekly check Ins

5. Time-Efficient Approach:

  • Streamlined daily routines for a time-efficient fitness journey.
  • Maximize your results with focused, purposeful activities.

6. 1-on-1 Support:

  • Unwavering support throughout your entire journey.
  • A motivating push when needed, ensuring you stay committed and inspired.
  • This is a-lot different then my group program ! WHY ? Because you aren't required to post in the group. You can send ME absolutely everything from a question to your food requirements.Β 
  • If I see you missing Ill always check In and see how your doingΒ 

7. Community Connection:

  • Access to a private Facebook group with 190+ like-minded individuals.
  • Build accountability and encouragement within a community of busy mothers and ladies facing similar challenges.

8. Daily Live Sessions:

  • Participate in daily live sessions for recipe inspiration and motivational discussions.
  • Stay engaged, inspired, and connected throughout your transformation.

9. Optional Weekly Live Workout:

  • Join a live workout session led by our expert trainer each week.
  • Enhance your fitness routine with real-time guidance.

Accountability Policy:

  • Respectful participation is essential; disrespect results in immediate removal.
  • Consistency and communication are key; failure to attend sessions may lead to removal without refunds.

Terms of Purchase:

  • No refunds under any circumstances.
  • By purchasing, you agree to receive valuable emails from Amanda and Supermom Fitness.

Embark on your SuperFit Transformation today! Your journey to a healthier, stronger you begins now! πŸš€πŸ’ͺ