12 Week Program

12 Week Program

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12 weeks of 1 on 1


What does this include ?

Completely personalized training plan. I’d start you off with 4-5 a week weights focus on toning and building muscle. 
Weight loss or weight gain depending on your goals.

Cardio regimen


This is all done on my app so you literally just open my app in the morning hit start and away you go. No need to think or be worried about what you need to do.

Gym or Home workouts

Completely personalized meal plan with weekly changes when needed.

Food is key

No macro/calorie counting I do all this for you.

Just whole foods to nourish your body

Easy to follow

Learn how to portion food and give your body what it needs for fuel on a day to day basis.

Nothing that will take a lot of time

1 on 1 support from me.

I’ll be there 100% to support you but give you a kick in the ass when it’s needed.

Facebook group with 100 other busy mamas struggling with the same things to help keep you accountable.

Daily lives in the group from me with either recipes or some motivational talk.

1 live workout with me weekly (optional to join)


If you disrespect me or another client you will be removed from the program without question. If you don’t show up and communicate with me you will be removed from the program without question. With no refunds given.


By purchasing this program you are 100% understanding there will be no refunds under any circumstances.