10 Things to always remember about yourself

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10 Things to always remember.
1. You can’t change the past no matter how hard you try, so keep moving forward. Just dwelling over the past is going to put you in a bad mood and there is no need for that.
2. Other peoples opinions don’t define who you are and the second you realize that you will be so much happier. Stop letting other judgmental people define who you are as a person. The second you stop listening to others so much weight will come off your shoulders and you will feel free.
3. Everyone is here for a different reason do not judge anyone. Some are here for mental health reason, Some are here for physical reason and some people are just here to work on themselves.
4. Overthinking is never worth it. Next time your overthinking about something try writing it down on a piece of paper and beside that write down all the reasons your worried and how you can fix that.
5. Happiness is found from within you not others. Don’t look for your happiness elsewhere because until you are happy with yourself you can expect others to be happy with you either.
6. Smile even if no one around you is. I challenge you to smile wherever you go today. Its contagious give it a try.
7. Give kindness whenever possible. Buy someone behind you a coffee or compliment someone. Let me know what you do.
8. What you give you will usually get in return so remember that. This right here is key. If you give kindness, kindness will return.
9. If you work hard for it, it will come. So get up and get going.

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