How can you stay committed to your health and wellness goals?

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You and only you can make a change
How can you stay committed to your health and fitness goals ?
1. Get yourself a journal and write a big goal on the very last page. Now go back to page 1 and write yourself a new small goal every single day until you end up at the end of your journal with your big goal. The goal you write down on that paper for that day is what you work towards for that day/week etc and once that goal has been accomplished you move onto the next small goal to reach that goal at the end etc etc. You will be amazed when you put your words into actions what can actually happen. Help keep yourself accountable. If you arent accountable with yourself then you just arent ready to make a change.
2. Make yourself your number 1 priority. Get up early and get it done before your brain can actually think about what the heck your doing. People that wake up early and get it done without procrastinating are more likely to get it done if you are someone who struggles with motivation. Yes getting up at 5am sucks but just think about this, you get your workout done in say 1-2 hours. ALLLL day after that you are burning calories. Like whatttt. Compared to working out at night your body wont be burning the same amount of calories while your sleeping as it would if you had worked out in the morning and moved your body around all day with that metabolism rocking.
3. Set yourself a schedule and stick to it. Don’t change your schedule for your workout times. Pick 1 time that will work best for you and keep to that time every damn day. You make your scedule so if you have to scedule things for other days so you can get your you time in then so be it. Again every time you do something on someones elses time you are putting them first not yourself.
4. Don’t let anything get in your way including FRIENDS and FAMILY. This is where I find most people end up failing in their results because life can be busy and if we don’t put ourselves first sometimes, we will never make time for ourselves. Don’t feel guilty just know a better you benefits everyone else around you as well. You will find that once you start being successful in your day to day activities you will loose some friends and some family members just wont get why you arent paying attention to so and so all day etc. This is when you will realize who your real friends and family are. The ones that are there to support you and what your doing for yourself.
5. Make the most of your workout. Don’t procrastinate it once you start. You want to start a workout and go 100% in. What’s the point of doing it if your only giving half of yourself. For myself I find having a really good playlist and a workout buddy gets me to the gym everyday. For cardio I watch a Netflix series that keeps me entertained as we all hate cardio. Find what works best for you and stick to it.
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