Strength Training 101

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Benefits of strength training and the reasons you should be practicing it more than cardio...

Did you know that lifting weights can improve your heart health, balance out your body, strengthen your bones, increase the muscle mass that supports all joints AND help you loose weight?

Why does a body burn more calories lifting weights compared to cardio? Lifting weights is proven to help you loose fat faster than only doing cardio. When doing cardio you burn calories for that duration only. When strength training you actually continue to burn calories afterwards (while your body is recovering) because your metabolism is at its peak and will stay peaked for a while once your body is in the recovery zone.

So, let’s put the two together…now you have a dynamic duo. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying to stop cardio! I’m saying to combine both cardio and strength training to obtain a powerhouse workout! Cardio still has so many benefits that your body needs such as improving your heart and lungs. Why wouldn’t you want to lower your risk of getting heart or lung diseases?

When you get to the age of 30 you actually start loosing 3 to 5 percent of lean muscle mass. Don’t be alarmed if you’re over 30 and it takes a lot more time to build muscle than it did when you were 20. Lifting after the age of 30 is very important because you need to keep your bones strong so they don’t become weak and fragile. Your body needs strength to do day to day life activities. Getting out of bed in the morning takes strength! Having some form of muscle mass is super important and if you are healthy enough to improve, what is stopping you?

A question I get often is “Why do I burn more calories during my cardio then I do during strength training?” It’s true, you do burn more calories during cardio but only DURING cardio compared to strength training where you actually continue to burn AFTER. In the long run you are burning more calories strength training. Crazy right?

Is your body off balance? Strength training can also help with this. When my clients come in “off balance” we work on what we need to strengthen in order to straighten that out. Usually it’s just a weaker muscle on one side compared to the other.

Do you suffer from anxiety and depression? Science has proven that strength training can actually be a treatment for this. Exercise boosts endorphins which improves your mood. Give it a try 👏

Need I say more?

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